The outdoor spaces and plazas at SLTC have been designed for employees to enjoy San Leandro’s exceptional climate with accessible walkways and easy access to public transit, Downtown San Leandro, bike paths and adjoining neighborhoods.

SLTC features a state-of-the-art, LEED Gold building design utilizing high-performance building systems and materials to lower operating costs and maximize occupant satisfaction.

Building Design


NEOLITH is a high-performance, resilient, eco-friendly porcelain tile made from 100% natural materials. The ventilated façade, created by NEOLITH, helps to naturally heat and cool the building—an advantage when it comes to reducing the energy costs of running a large facility.

Leed Certified

SLTC’s LEED Gold design includes efficient, advanced building systems that use less water and energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce utility and operating expenses.

View Dynamic Glass

View Dynamic Glass is a new generation of architectural glass that maximizes natural light and unobstructed views while reducing heat and glare. Unlike traditional glass, View Dynamic Glass tints automatically in response to outdoor conditions or from a mobile device, providing greater occupant comfort and energy savings without compromising views.