Tag: Bay Lights

San Leandro

November 11, 2015

Welcome to the new San Leandro

The new San Leandro Truth is Beauty by Marco Cochrane Photo by Barry Toranto She is the icon of San Leandro’s transformation. Graceful, strong, proud, and reaching toward the future, she imagines a world that is bright and bold, limitless and safe. Truth is Beauty, the 55-foot steel and LED sculpture by artist Marco Cochrane […]


Public Art

January 26, 2015

Connect Through Public Art

Imagine walking through an urban neighborhood and suddenly coming across a giant ogre emerging from the earth. The angry giant clambers out of the lawn and seems to shout, surprising and welcoming visitors. Source: inhabitat.com Perhaps you’re on your way to San Francisco. It’s nighttime. You’re driving west from Oakland, across the Bay Bridge, and […]