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San Leandro

March 9, 2016

Downtown San Leandro is undergoing a makeover

“Downtown San Leandro is undergoing a makeover of sorts. It includes new developments and businesses, the opening of craft breweries and the arrival of the Truth is Beauty sculpture from Burning Man. The nonprofit organization, San Leandro Improvement Association, is working to facilitate a lot of these changes.” KTVU TV recently featured San Leandro Improvement […]


San Leandro Tech Campus

August 18, 2015

Technology is the “New Plumbing” in the Information Economy

Plumbing. We take it for granted. We turn the tap—and expect water to come gushing out. Plumbing wasn’t always part of our communities, but once introduced it changed everything about how we build buildings and cities. High speed broadband technology is today’s “new plumbing” and it is dramatically changing how we at Westlake build our […]


Truth is Beauty

June 2, 2015

Popular Treasure Island Sculpture “Truth Is Beauty” Moves to San Leandro

A popular piece of local art is on the move, but don’t worry, it’s not going too far. The 55-foot steel sculpture “Truth is Beauty” is moving to the San Leandro Tech Campus from Treasure Island. The sculpture, which weighs 13,000 pounds, has 2,500 individual LED lights. Truth is Beauty first made its full appearance […]