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Truth is Beauty

October 31, 2016

Nude Statue in San Leandro is Eye-Catching, but Far From Controversial

By Kevin L. Jones, KQED In the suburban city of San Leandro, a 55-foot-tall statue of a naked woman dancing at a local technology park has turned a few heads since it was unveiled last Tuesday — especially at a nearby BART station, where the statue can be seen from the train platform. But despite […]



April 7, 2016

Pedaling Toward a Leaner, Greener Future

Americans have long had a “love affair” with their cars, but that is changing with the millennial generation, who show a preference for living closer to jobs and are less interested in car ownership. This shift is challenging the 50-plus-year-old assumption that cars are king and creating a market demand for a more connected alternative […]


Women in Tech

March 10, 2016

Creating a New Story about Women in Tech

Source: phillyvoice.com By now, you may have heard about the ENIAC six, the forgotten female mathematicians who pioneered computer programming. This important story recently made the rounds on social media. It is an excellent example of how a story goes viral, and then becomes part of an ongoing conversation, filling us in on important history […]


San Leandro

March 9, 2016

Downtown San Leandro is undergoing a makeover

“Downtown San Leandro is undergoing a makeover of sorts. It includes new developments and businesses, the opening of craft breweries and the arrival of the Truth is Beauty sculpture from Burning Man. The nonprofit organization, San Leandro Improvement Association, is working to facilitate a lot of these changes.” KTVU TV recently featured San Leandro Improvement […]


San Leandro Tech Campus

February 1, 2016

The Millennial Workplace

As it turns out, workplace design is critical to the productivity and well-being of our workforce. And it also so happens that most of our work spaces were based upon designs that worked back in the day – before technology and a younger, tech-enabled generation transformed the way work is done. As a result, office […]